Straying away from traditional funeral arrangements one can go for a much more meaningful arrangement by having something specially designed for the recently departed. For instance your loved one passes away and was an avid bowler you can have a bowling pin and bowling bowl display made of flowers and displayed on an easel. Or maybe your loved one was very found of baseball your floral arrangement can be made in the shape of a baseball bat and baseball. These would be designed to look much like the ways the cross looks that are designed of flowers and displayed on an easel. There are many ways to put your personal touch into the arrangement and to have a funeral arrangement stand out and show how well you know someone and how much you loved them. You can show respect to the deceased by taking a very important part of there lives and turning it into a floral arrangement tribute to them. If your loved one was an avid outdoorsman you can have tree branch, sprigs or some type of greenery added to the display to commemorate their love of the outdoors. The possibilities are limitless and your florist will be able to guide you into designing a custom floral arrangement for your loved one. Growing more popular are the "initial" displays where one will take the first letter of ones first or last name and have it made into a floral arrangement and displayed on an easel next to the casket. These "initial" displays cost roughly between $50. 00 and $75. 00 dollars. More and more custom designed floral arrangements are being more popular. As florist can design just about anything including doves, Celtic crosses, sports logos, displays for hobbies, and musical instruments to name a few. A florist can even make a banner with a name on it in flowers and display it on an easel too. This name can be anything from their first name, a nick name, or even to simply say, brother, sister, father, mother or grandmother. If you would rather not go with something like the above described arrangement but still want to have something custom made. Discuss with your florist the types of flowers you want in your arrangements ask your florist also about the meanings to certain flowers as you may want to make a selection for your custom design based on the meanings of the flowers. sympathy flowers It could be that you want a special color to make up your arrangement maybe the favorite color of your loved one. Or you would like certain flowers in a combination of colors. Your florist is the best to assist you in building the perfect arrangement with all the special meaning you wish to carry off in your arrangement. Choosing exactly what you want for your funeral arrangement can be a difficult task and your florist is there to help you make these choices and find you the perfect arrangement that fits your budget. Custom and Personalized arrangements can tend to be slightly more costly.